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Die Cutting Foil Stamping Pricelist Brief Introduction BY-1080R automatic foil stamping and die-cutting machine is mainly used for the die-cutting, creasing, foil stamping of cigarette box, drug box, wine box and label in the packing and decorating industries. This kind of machine is incorporated with fully automatic feeding, die-cutting, delivering counting, obstacle indicating, checking and measuring. It has the features of easy operating, reliablity, high speed and precision. Automatic foil stamping die cutter can be mainly used in the hot stamping, die cutting, creasing and cold pressing of the carton, carton, trademark and some plastic sheet packaging products in the printing and packaging industry, especially for various high-precision printing. Products, such as gift boxes, cigarette boxes, wine boxes, mobile phone boxes and other small household appliances boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc., can be ordinary bronzing, die-cutting and concave-convex indentation on this machine to obtain beautiful, delicate and three-dimensional appearance. PLC controller control ensures stable and reliable operation of the machine. High-quality thermostat is adopted to ensure stable heating temperature and hot stamping quality. Toggle mechanism design means less compressed air consumption and strong pressure. Hot stamping pressure, temperature and hot pressing time are adjustable. The table can automatically move back and forth for safe and quick operation. What’s more, the worktable can be adjusted left and right, and rotated. FeaturesElectrical unit (1) The electrical system adopts such advanced control devices as PLC, Interface. (2) The interface monitors the input, output points of PLC, all kinds of troubles, double languages(Chinese, English) make the workers convenient to operate machine or solve stoppage. (3) The main motor is controlled by various speed, running stable and saving electricity. (4) The main driving adopts pneumatic brake, running safe and reliable. (5) Many photo-electric switches are installed at the feeding, die-cutting and delivering unit, which ensures the safe running of machine. (6) Multi-indicating lamp indicate different condition of machine, alarm the operator to ensure the safety. (7) The machine sets many operating panels in order to control it from different place such as feeding unit, driving side, operating side and delivering unit. (8) The machine adopts three phase, four wires, power supply for AC, 380V, 50HZ, equips special safe wire PE. (9) Safe switches are set on every unit, which ensures safe operating, the safety facilities coincide CE standard of Europe. Enclosure Serial NO.NameQuantityAddition 0101023106Rubber ring of sucker100 0101070700Small brush2 01050131Left push guide1 01050206Right push guide1 GB825-76Ceiling screw4M24 GB825-76Ceiling screw4M36 020324Steel plate2Including the one in the machine 02041700Combined iron chase2Including the one in the machine Combined gripper bars1Finished assembling 030800Delivering plate2 GB308-77Steel ball2 NameQuantityAddition Special wrench1 Manual driving handle1 Special wrench1 Double-head wrench1 set5.5×7銆?x10銆?2×14銆?7×19銆?2×24 Inner hexagon wrehch1 set3, 4 , 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 Press oil gun1 PicturesDie Cutting Foil Stamping Pricelist website:http://www.tsjiasun.com/die-cutting-and-creasing-machine/die-cutting-foil-stamping/